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Why Therapy

Sometimes, through no fault or flaw of our own, our minds and bodies don’t work as we’d like and sometimes the solutions are not intuitive.  For example, many individuals with insomnia spend every night tossing and turning, never leaving the bed, until they eventually fall asleep.  However, in some cases, this can actually make insomnia worse and last longer. Psychotherapy is a process providing education about these types of phenomena and then trains individuals in novel approaches to overcoming behavioral and emotional challenges.


When to consider SBHS 

Uncertain or undiagnosed conditions
Previous treatment without results

Even with the right diagnosis, sometimes therapy is not as effective as desired.  Working with a provider with an investigative research approach can help figure what changes to make for an effective treatment plan.

Sometimes you just need to know what your condition is and a few key principles associated with it, and then you can figure out how to move forward on your own.  Other times, a person receives different opinions or an unclear opinion about a their diagnosis.  If this has been your experience and you're not getting better, a specialty evaluation can help you get the clarity you need to move forward. 

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